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Netflix is finally dumping The Ranch

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According to Variety, Netflix is finally wrapping up its weirdly crowd-pleasing, weirdly long-running sitcom The Ranch, with star Ashton Kutcher tweeting that the show will be getting a final, 20-episode season to wrap up any lingering storylines/jokes about how lame city folk are. The first half of that final season will air at some point this year, with the other half coming next year, so there’s still plenty of The Ranch left to go—plus there’s the fact that it’ll be at 80 episodes by the time this final season ends, which is just crazy. American Vandal didn’t last nearly that long. Daredevil didn’t last nearly that long. One Day At A Time didn’t last that long. But hey, Netflix probably knows what it’s doing, right?

This announcement comes a few months after the last season premiered on Netflix, which featured the final episodes of Danny Masterson’s character Rooster. Masterson was written out of the show after multiple women accused him of rape and after a Netflix executive publicly told one of the alleged victims—to her face—that the company didn’t believe her claims, none of which seemed to impact the popularity of The Ranch or its value to Netflix whatsoever.

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