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When Netflix added Scrotal Recall in early 2015, it enraged and befuddled subscribers with that title. But the British import turned out to be charming, slightly High Fidelity-esque rom-com about a man (Johnny Flynn) whose chlamydia diagnosis has him revisiting his past relationships. So it was pleasing news when Netflix renewed the show for a second season. Not so pleasing? The name, still.

But Netflix is remedying that problem. It revealed at the Television Critics Association summer press tour that Scrotal Recall is getting a new moniker. It will now be called Lovesick. Get it? Because it’s about romance, but also an infection. Lovesick, while oodles more appealing, is also way more forgettable. So, to us, the show will always be the Scrotal Recall. There’s just something so bizarrely fascinating about such a disgusting name being attached to a perfectly lovely show. We’ve reached out to Netflix to see if all evidence of Lovesick’s previous life will be eradicated from the site, but haven’t yet heard back.


The second season will start streaming November 17.

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