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Netflix is bringing back Iron Fist in September, promises Danny will try to suck a little less

Out of the four core Marvel Netflix shows—Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist—the latter is usually held up as the weakest, offering what many saw as a familiar story, a blandly crappy protagonist, and only the occasional flashy martial arts duel to liven things up. Given that these ground-level superhero shows tend to struggle with the sophomore slump already, you’d be forgiven for feeling less than enthused, then, about the news that Netflix has now set a September 7 return date for Iron Fist season 2.

But, hey, folks: Netflix gets it. At least, that’s what we have to assume, given all the marketing copy around the show’s date announcement trailer, which heavily emphasizes the idea that Danny Rand will hopefully someday suck a little less. “It’s just a warm-up,” the trailer’s YouTube description gushes. “Furthers the transformation,” the press release adds. He’s going to “Step up and protect his city” instead of whatever he did back in 2017. We might just be hunting around for sub-text (and hope!), but it certainly sounds like the service is trying to sell us on the idea that Danny, and his show, are ready to turn their lives around after just kind of screwing around for the first 13 episodes of their lives. (Even if the teaser itself is mostly just more punching, just with a nicer haircut.) 

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