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Netflix is also bringing back Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse

Not about to let Disney be the only one diving into the gold coin pile of childhood nostalgia, Netflix has followed news of a DuckTales reboot with the announcement that it’s also picking up new versions of Danger Mouse and Inspector Gadget, two cartoons that inspired scores of ’80s kids to pursue careers in rodent espionage and shoving springs inside them. Both properties have been in the works for a while: As previously reported, the BBC began developing its Danger Mouse update over the summer, bringing in Stephen Fry to play the cantankerous Colonel K to a new, technologically updated version of the spy—who now wears a state-of-the-art “iPatch,” over what we presume is still his old-fashioned, gouged eyehole that children so loved.


Meanwhile, a similarly updated Inspector Gadget—conceived as a sequel to the original series—has already been airing in Europe and Australia via the Boomerang network, giving the bumbling cyborg detective a shiny new CGI look, and plenty of shiny new tools crammed into his own orifices and cavities. American kids of all ages—and aficionados of devices placed inside hollowed-out crevices—can already take a look at some clips from this new Inspector Gadget, which revives all of its other familiar characters like Penny, Brain, and Dr. Claw, while also introducing Dr. Claw’s hip teenage nephew Talon, who shoves his hip teenage edge right down your face-hole.

Inspector Gadget is set to join Netflix in March, followed by the new Danger Mouse in spring, with both joining Netflix’s other reboots of Richie Rich, Popples, The Magic School Bus, and your parents’ divorce.

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