Yes, we're also annoyed these don't say "Peeno Noir."

Having taken the hard steps out of pretty much every facet of our entertainment-focused lives—feeding our binge holes with shows we’ve already seen, recommending new stuff to gorge upon, providing cover for our casual, chill-based hook-ups—Netflix is ready to take one more grueling decision away from its hordes of bleary-eyed TV junkies. The company released a video today showing off “Netflix socks,” a set of fashionable footwear that senses when you’ve fallen asleep halfway through an episode of The Great Food Truck Race—you know, the one you queued up to watch at 2 in the morning instead of going to bed like a goddamn adult—and pauses the video so that you don’t miss a single potato-frying minute.

In a move that suggests that even Netflix thinks you could maybe be being a little bit more active, the company isn’t selling the socks—which use an accelerometer and an Arduino microcontroller to detect activity levels, then sends a pause signal to the TV when they drop low enough for a sufficiently long duration—instead posting them as a remarkably detailed DIY project for crafty bingers to pursue. Besides all the technical details, they’ve also provided a set of pretty adorable sock patterns—including the Kimmy Schmidt-based “Pinot Noir” ones seen in the above video—for knitters to craft into the laziness accomplices of the future.


[via Business Insider]