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Netflix in talks to pick up Debby Ryan’s failed CW pilot Insatiable

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Michael Bezjian)

A lot of people think of Netflix as the last, best hope for TV shows that can’t find a home on a traditional network, and it looks like the latest project benefitting from the streaming service’s fondness for resurrection is Insatiable, a “darkly comedic hourlong pilot” that stars Debby Ryan and was originally setup at The CW. That comes from Deadline, which says Insatiable “narrowly missed” getting picked up at The CW, and the pilot “immediately drew interest” from other outlets after the network passed on it.

Insatiable was created by Dexter and Once Upon A Time writer Lauren Gussis, and Deadline calls it “darkly comedic and quirky.” The pilot revolves around a “disgraced, dissatisfied” lawyer who becomes a beauty pageant coach for some reason and must deal with a “vengeful, bullied teenager” played by Ryan. CW executives reportedly liked the pilot, but it was too “different” from the rest of the stuff on the network.


Netflix hasn’t commented on this, but Deadline says it’s “finalizing a deal” to pick up the show.

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