Rob Schneider, in less authentic times on Rob

Aside from that winter everyone’s always talking about, December promises a pop-culture bounty that includes the premieres of The Hateful Eight, holiday usurper Krampus, and oh, yeah, Star Wars: ­Episode VII—The Force Awakens. But because every holiday season also has some duds in the gift exchanges (but not socks—socks are actually great gifts), December will also see the debut of a new show from Rob Schneider.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Schneider’s self-financed comedy Real Rob has found a home at Netflix and will stream in multiple countries, including all of Latin America (naturally). This latest autobiographical series from the former (fictional) gigolo and high school cheerleader will reportedly follow the “ups and downs of a Hollywood career,” which presumably means it’s not Schneider’s Hollywood career trajectory, so the series probably won’t be set on the ocean floor or anything. Schneider will also have to contend with having a family, a stalker, and an incompetent assistant.


It isn’t lost on us that the show isn’t titled The Real Rob, which would suggest a level of authenticity that was perhaps missing from Rob (along with exclamation points). Instead, it’s Real Rob, which sounds like an adjective or superlative for occasions wherein it must be noted just how Schneider-y something has gotten. For example, let’s say you have a comedian who, in order to avoid the red tape and quality-control issues at a studio, decides to finance a pilot for his own scripted series. That would be real Rob.

[h/t Splitsider]