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Netflix has found its first Carmen Sandiego trailer, and she's a good guy now for some reason

Succeeding where millions of edutaintment fans, game show contestants, and the finest legal minds employed by a capella rock group Rockapella once failed, Netflix has finally confirmed that it’s found notorious monument thief Carmen Sandiego: It turns out she was lingering in streaming cartoon development all along. (Someone tell The Chief!)


The service released the first trailer for its new cartoon series based around the red-coated Eiffel Tower-stealing icon—now being voiced by Gina Rodriguez—onto the internet today, revealing that she’s finally given up her evil ways, in favor of a more blatantly anti-heroic, Robin Hood kind of spin. Rather than serving as the top agent for on-the-noise bad guy organization V.I.L.E., Carmen’s instead gone rogue, stealing from evil-doers themselves with the help of mission control from a character played by Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard.

Carmen Sandiego is set to debut on Netflix later this month.