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Netflix has another batch of Unsolved Mysteries for you to help solve in October

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10 years after the final episode aired, Unsolved Mysteries returned over the summer with a new series revival on Netflix, inviting viewers to once again help solve a collection of mystifying cases (and also a possible mass alien sighting in Massachusetts of all places). Our excitement was short-lived when Netflix debuted only six episodes, leaving us clamoring for more weird and creepy mysteries. Ah, but Netflix is being a good parent during this pandemic by withholding six additional episodes lest we gorge ourselves on all 12 over the course of one very boring Saturday, which feels like any other day, really, during this quarantine summer.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait much longer for the next batch of Unsolved Mysteries episodes, dubbed “Volume 2.” Netflix has officially announced October 19 as the premiere date for the remaining six episodes of season one, at which point we’ll know for certain if the revival’s debut episode—regarding the extremely mysterious death of Rey Rivera—was indeed its best (to be fair, the Dupont de Ligonnès murders episode was also pretty compelling). Netflix has yet to reveal additional details about the upcoming episodes, denying amateur sleuths a head start on the latest mysteries. According to series co-creator and producer Terry Dunn Meurer, the team received numerous “credible” tips following the debut of the first volume of episodes; hopefully we’ll get some updates on those mysteries when the new volume premieres.

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