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Netflix flips the bird at critics, renews Insatiable for a second season

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Defying the cries of critics everywhere—who dubbed the show “uninspired,” “stale,” “dreadfully unappetizing,” “an equal-opportunity train wreck,” and worse—Netflix has announced that it’s granting a second season to its controversial “fat girl gets thin, takes revenge” dramedy Insatiable. Suggesting that there really is no such thing as bad press—especially when you don’t have any pesky advertisers to answer to—the streaming service has ordered another year’s worth of the Debby Ryan-starring show.


Protests against the series have been widespread, including a preemptive Change.org petition calling for the show to be pulled off Netflix’s roster, a harsh backlash that led creator Lauren Gussis to (incorrectly) identify the reactions as “censorship.” (Fun fact: It’s not censorship if people just really don’t like your shit.) But while critical responses to the series were pretty uniformly dire, audience scores on places like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic have been a lot more positive toward the series’ blend of fat suits, pedophilia jokes, and the “everybody’s a frothing asshole” school of TV writing.

And then there’s the Netflix factor: Although they keep them extremely quiet, the streaming service keeps a close eye on viewership numbers for pretty much all of its shows. And while it can’t distinguish between hate-watches and sincere enjoyment, the service is usually pretty good about giving people what they want—even (or especially) if it’s not terribly good for them.

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