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Netflix finished Orson Welles' The Other Side Of The Wind, and now it has a trailer

For decades, the raw footage for one of Orson Welles’ final projects was left in a vault, waiting for someone to come along and buy the rights to finish it. Last year, Netflix realized it was sitting on a big mountain of money, so it acquired The Other Side Of The Wind and—with the approval of Welles’ daughter—announced a plan to finish the film and premiere it at Cannes. That last bit didn’t work out, since Netflix pulled out of Cannes, but The Other Side Of The Wind is still set to premiere on the streaming service later this year. Now, 33 years after Welles’ death, the movie even has a trailer.

The film stars John Huston as a director trying to make a ridiculously ambitious work of cinematic art, with various Hollywood plebeians struggling to comprehend his pure genius—though he may or may not really just be unhinged. It’s a great setup for a long-lost film from a legendary filmmaker, if only because it allows the trailer to end on a pretty good line: “Here it is, if anybody wants to see it.”


The Other Side Of The Wind hits Netflix on November 2.

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