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Netflix finally announces return dates for On My Block and She's Gotta Have It

Photo: Nicola Goode (Netflix)

Though bloodied and a little more than bruised, The Squad is officially back. Netflix announced the long-awaited return date for the second season of On My Block and after a particularly harrowing cliffhanger set to the world’s worst quinceañera, the series returns on March 29.

We don’t have to wait quite that long to know the fate of at least one fan favorite, though. At the end of last season, the audience watched in slack-jawed horror as Olivia’s (Ronni Hawk) birthday celebration came to an abrupt end when a rival gang member shot her and the widely beloved Ruby (Jason Genao). On Thursday, Netflix teased the new season with its first three grim minutes. Rife with sidewalk memorials and various preparations for a funeral, the final shot of the teaser lands on Ruby (Jason Genao), primly dressed and in repose. The prognosis looks grim...right until his eyes pop open. It’s a bit terrifying (and more than a bit reminiscent of Jon Snow), but not nearly as terrifying as the thought of a series carrying on without one of its more unifying characters.


The streaming service also signaled the return of Nola Darling in all of her emotionally messy glory. Season two Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It begins streaming May 24, a year and a half after the series premiere. Per a recent press release from Netflix, audience will witness Nola “struggling with newfound success” while continuing to navigate her handful of relationships, both romantic and platonic. Last season didn’t end on quite as tragic of a note as On My Block, unless you found yourself thoroughly bothered by that awkward Prince-fueled musical outbreak, but we’re sure fans are eager to get back to Nola’s story either way.


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