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Netflix execs promise to release "more specific" viewership data without specifying which data

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After years of inexplicable secrecy and oddly convenient, unsubstantiated viewership claims, Netflix is finally ready to publicly release specific viewership metrics...in waves. Per The Verge, chief content officer Ted Sarandos assured investors during a call on Tuesday that the company will begin releasing “more specific and granular data and reporting” to various groups. The order of notification reportedly begins with producers, followed by subscribers, then general press.


Up to this point, the streaming service has only occasionally revealed shreds of data for the purposes heralding one of their major original releases. For example, the company was adamant about revealing the stats for Bird Box, which apparently streamed across 45 million accounts this past December (and even that sounds a little light, if we’re to go by the inability to go one second without getting accosted by a meme during its heyday). The platform has yet to provide any solid data when widely acclaimed programs are canceled.

While Netflix execs cite a desire to move with more transparency, there are currently no details as to which statistics will be released or when the new communication policy will start. However, the service is currently testing new features that will hint towards current viewing trends, like a Top 10 section that will feature the most viewed films and shows of that time.

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