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Netflix enters cool goth phase, orders 12 new episodes of Black Mirror

Netflix was already the most popular kid in streaming-service school, given its near-total dominance of internet bandwidth when it comes to your options for watching movies and TV on your couch. The old cable box, meanwhile, sits forlornly in the corner, wondering when you stopped being such good friends. Sorry, Mom, but it doesn’t help that cable totally joined marching band like some kind of geek—we can’t help it if we got really busy with other stuff right around that same time. Besides, Netflix is super awesome, and now, Variety reports the streaming giant just made a hella cool move: It’s picking up the critically acclaimed science fiction series Black Mirror, ordering 12 new episodes of the show. It’s also started dressing all in black and listening to My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, so we mos def need to get to Hot Topic ASAP and get, like, a fully new wardrobe.

The original British series gained a large following for its bleak worldview and sharp, Twilight Zone-inspired storytelling. Plus, it won an international Emmy award, which is so fetch. (No, we’re not trying to make “fetch” happen, duh, it’s like, ironic and stuff.) Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones will continue to act as showrunners for the new iteration of the series, which is set to begin production in the U.K. later this year. Going goth and being all European? Netflix is so totally bitchin’.


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