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Netflix drags Lucifer back out of cancellation hell

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Performing a minor miracle of television redemption, Netflix announced today that it’s saving Lucifer’s soul—or, at least, its chance for a fourth season on TV. Variety reports that the streaming service has resurrected the Tom Ellis-starring Vertigo adaptation for another year, after Fox unceremoniously dumped it from its schedule last month.


The outcry at the show’s cancellation wasn’t exactly Brooklyn Nine-Nine-esque in its intensity, but fans have grown far more attached to Ellis’ charismatic performance—navigating the role of an inhuman, immortal being wrestling with the same needs for love and acceptance that we all deal with, but on a deeper, more “Let’s all overthrow Heaven” level—than the show’s “The Devil helps cops solve crimes!” premise might have suggested. Hence, presumably, the decision to save the series, which is produced at Warner Bros. TV.

On a wider level, Netflix’s move is just the latest in the elaborate game of network-swapping musical chairs that the big networks and services have been playing with each other this year; it’s the fourth show this season to get snapped up after someone else canceled it, following after Brooklyn (now on NBC), Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing (headed to Fox), and Syfy’s The Expanse (which was snatched up by Amazon).

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