Trash Humpers, Harmony Korine’s  provocative meditation on the “American Nightmare”—which roughly translates to 78 minutes of kids in old-people masks rubbing their crotches against dumpsters and fire hydrants—has been deemed too grotesque for Netflix, which has refused to carry it. Drag City issued a press release today citing Netflix’s willingness to stock copies of Korine’s other films—all of which “feature more full-frontal nudity, on-screen sex, violence, rape and/or murder than is featured in Trash Humpers”—while also using it as an opportunity to point out “the price paid when we allow one entity to control the lion’s-share of content distribution.” (Which is a fair point, if one made on behalf of a mostly meritless film.) Anyway, if you’re interested in seeing Trash Humpers, they’ve also provided this list of places where you can still get it. And if you want to make some sort of protest, you can still try to add Trash Humpers to your Netflix queue. You just won't get any real satisfaction from it, sort of like… well, you know.