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Netflix doesn't want to keep Spinning Out

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As reported by Deadline, Netflix has canceled figure skating drama Spinning Out after one season… and also after only one month, as the show only premiered on the streaming service back on January 1. That seems like a pretty sharp turnaround for Netflix, which was once known for never canceling anything ever (until it started canceling everything ever), with Deadline explaining that streamer weighs new shows like Spinning Out’s secret mysterious ratings and any “awards recognition” against how much it costs when making decisions about renewals. That must be a pretty brutal metric, though, considering that you apparently only have a month to get a lot of viewers and/or some awards (even though it’s February 3 and they don’t generally hand out major TV awards at this time of year).


It doesn’t matter anymore, but Spinning Out starred Kaya Scodelario as a talented figure skater whose solo career gets sidelined, forcing her to try and make it as a pairs skater with a “talented bad-boy partner.” Also January Jones played her mom, and Spinning Out is/was a pretty good name for a drama about figure skating. Oh well.

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