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Netflix definitely wants a third season of House Of Cards

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Suggesting that it kind of likes getting Emmys, Netflix has made it clear that it intends to keep its critically acclaimed breakout hit House Of Cards going beyond its original two-season order. Though that may sound like an obvious plan, the sort that probably doesn’t even need explaining in a fourth wall-breaking monologue that makes use of folksy Southern analogies, it wasn’t always as straightforward as a hound dog huntin’ for a soup bone. Netflix only locked the cast and crew down for 26 episodes, and recently co-executive producer Rick Cleveland had even said he believed the series would definitely end after the upcoming second season, because “Kevin Spacey likes to do movies, and Robin Wright likes to do movies.”


But like a stuck pig conversatin’ with a crowin’ rooster on a tin roof covered in corn oil, Cleveland wasn’t really speaking on solid ground, seeing as he was let go from the series during its first season. So during this weekend’s Film Independent Forum, Netflix’s Ted Sarandos brushed aside such outsider speculation and avowed that “talks are in progress right now” about locking down at least another season of the show—negotiations that understandably may take some time, as everyone involved pauses for withering asides about the stupidity of the person they’re talking to.

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