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Netflix defends its decision to throw all that money at Adam Sandler

The Do-Over

Ever since Netflix started getting serious about putting original content on its streaming service, it’s made sure to cater to all different kinds of people. For those who like heartbreaking examinations of fame and regret but also cartoons about funny animals and goofy puns, there’s BoJack Horseman. For people who like political thrillers that are deadly serious and also weirdly silly, there’s House Of Cards. For people who like things that are stupid but also maybe sometimes stupid in a good way, there’s Adam Sandler’s four-picture deal—which so far has resulted in The Ridiculous 6 and The Do-Over.

That last bit has proven slightly controversial, with some people wondering why Netflix would bother throwing money at Adam Sandler at all. But Netflix’s Ted Sarandos doesn’t care what those people think, for one simple reason: Everybody still watches the hell out of those Adam Sandler movies. That’s according to a roundtable chat he did with The Hollywood Reporter, during which he explained that those two Sandler movies “premiered at No. 1 in every single territory of Netflix around the world” and that The Do-Over is “still in the top 10 in nearly all of them.” In other words, Sandler’s name recognition is a lot more valuable to Netflix than the opinions of a bunch of a snotty people on the internet.


The unspoken thing here seems to be that the popularity of the Adam Sandler movies gives Netflix the subscriber money/freedom to do stuff like BoJack Horseman, so maybe we should all just let people like what they like. At least we can all agree that Stranger Things was awesome, right?

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