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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled Netflix decides bringing back emTerra Nova/em isnt such a great idea

Somehow not encouraged by analogies likening it to an expensive misfire in need of constant costly repair and ultimately of interest to only a select group of nerds, Netflix has officially passed on picking up Terra Nova, ending two weeks of negotiations and suppressed “extinction” jokes. Deadline reports that 20th Century Fox TV has yet to officially give up on the dinosaurs-and-daddy-issues drama, keeping the actors preserved in the amber of their contracts while continuing to search for a means to revive it and save Terra Nova from inevitable fossilization, with this sentence officially boasting more dinosaur-related things than the actual show. But with three of its stars already signed on to new pilots, plus the necessity of maintaining all those expensive sets and giant wooden dinosaur-blocking fences, that seems unlikely. You can probably go ahead and make those “extinction” jokes now.


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