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Netflix cancels Anne With An E, spawning a number of confusing hashtags

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has confirmed that its Anne Of Green Gables-inspired drama Anne With An E will not continue on after its third season. The series is a joint-production with Canada’s CBC, and it has already finished airing up there, but its third—and now final—season won’t be released here until January 3. In a joint statement with CBC, Netflix said that it hopes fans “love this final season as much as we do,” adding that it “brings a satisfying conclusion to Anne’s journey.” Of course, fans have already started coming together to demand that Netflix give the show another season, so much so that creator Moira Walley-Beckett told Entertainment Weekly that she’d love to put together a continuation film of some sort (though she’s just talking at this point, not necessarily planning anything or talking to anyone).

But we’d like to go back and talk about that fan campaign. As is always the case with stuff like this, fans have been rallying around hashtags to get Netflix’s attention, but the problem is that a show with a name like Anne With An E doesn’t really lend itself to clear and attention-grabbing hashtags. Earlier today, “#renewawae” was trending in the United States, but if you don’t know what the show is, it makes it look like everyone’s talking about someone named Rene Wawae. The more popular hashtag, “renewannewithane,” is slightly better, but it still looks like Rene Wannewithane or Renew Anne Withane or maybe RE: New Annew Ithane? Netflix should renew Anne With An E, but also it should respond to that email about the New Annew Ithane. We’ve had enough problems with the old Annew Ithane.

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