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Adam McKay doesn’t usually truck with metaphor. His recent run of political films—The Big Short and Vice most prominent among them—typically go for what The Simpsons dubbed the “superliminal” approach when it comes to getting relevant financial and historical information on the screen, as ably demonstrated here:

(Imagine this, except with Steve Carrell talking directly into the camera about credit default swaps.)


But that might be changing soon, with THR reporting that McKay and Jennifer Lawrence have just successfully sold Netflix on a new movie that’s pretty clearly a thinly-veiled parable for climate change. Don’t Look Up stars Lawrence as one of a pair of scientists forced to embark on a public awareness campaign to let people know that a life-threatening meteor is set to impact the planet, only for pretty much everyone to ignore them or blow them off. It’s all pretty obvious, but also it sounds like there’s a bunch of nihilistic fun to be mined out of the premise, too.

Netflix acquired the project today after it was shopped around town, mostly on the strength of, hey, Jennifer Lawrence and Adam McKay. The two were supposedly working together before this on an Elizabeth Holmes movie, titled Bad Blood, that appears to have fallen by the wayside. Per THR, Netflix is hoping to get Don’t Look Up onto its servers pretty quickly; principal photography is set to begin in April, with an eye toward releasing the film this fall.

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