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Ozark (Photo: Netflix)

Despite some middling reviews, people have apparently been streaming the new Netflix original series Ozark enough to convince the service to renew the show for a second season. That’s according to Variety, but since Netflix never releases numbers associated with its content, there’s really no way to tell if this renewal is based on the show being popular or if Netflix just wants to throw a bone to Jason Bateman so he’ll be more willing to keep nebulous, constantly shifting holes in his schedule for whenever new episodes of Arrested Development can be filmed. Either way, Ozark will be returning for another 10-episode season at some point in the future.

Sort of like Breaking Bad in a cooler climate, Ozark stars Bateman as a financial planner whose money laundering schemes put him on the bad side of a drug lord, prompting him to move his wife (Laura Linney) and kids to the Ozark Mountains.


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