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Netflix announces new Jerry Seinfeld special, 23 Hours To Kill

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It’s one of the quirks of Jerry Seinfeld’s career that, for as massive as it’s been, he’s got fewer stand-up special and albums than just about any other artist of his stature. (Three of the former, two of the latter, although you could probably cut two or three new specials out of his collected Seinfeld cold opens.) That diminutive number is about to go up by one, though, with Netflix announcing this morning that Seinfeld will soon be informing the world of the deal and what it is all over again.


Specifically, Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours To Kill will arrive on the streaming service on May 5, joining the comic’s earlier Jerry Before Seinfeld, as well as all the Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee you could possibly desire. Recorded at New York’s Beacon Theater (back when recording things in a crowded theater was something you were still able to do), the special will presumably feature all the emotionally rich, open and vulnerable material we’ve come to expect from the master comedian over the years, which is to say, there’ll probably be some top-notch jokes about socks. Netflix also included some pictures from the special in the announcement email—although, if we’re being honest, we’re pretty sure we’re good with the one up in the header of this article. If you need to remember what Jerry Seinfeld looks like, just take a peek at that one again, readers. Then feel free to imagine him in other poses as need be, and to your heart’s content!

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