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Netflix announces Iron Fist season 2

Iron Fist (Photo: Netflix)

We’re expecting at least a few big reveals out of today’s Defenders panel at Comic-Con—come on, new trailer, new trailer, new trailer—but apparently Netflix felt the need to get some of its, let’s say, less thrilling news out of the way first. Case in point: The announcement that the lukewarm response greeting this year’s Iron Fist wasn’t so tepid as to screw up the company’s plans for its Marvel TV universe, with the streaming service confirming that the show’s second season is officially on its way.

That’s per Variety, which reports that, besides more of Danny Rand bumbling his way into fistfights with every random mook in Marvel New York, the show’s return will also see Simone Missick (recently of Luke Cage) teaming up with Jessica Henwick’s Colleen Wing for some crime-solving, butt-kicking fun. We’re not sure when to expect Iron First season 2, but it’ll presumably come after Defenders, Jessica Jones season 2, The Punisher, and possibly some other projects ranking higher on the current Netflix/Marvel slate.


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