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Netflix announces Bloodline season 2 premiere date


[The information below is about season two of Bloodline and therefore spoils season one of Bloodline, so if you don’t want to read Bloodline spoilers, stop now, go watch season one, and come back when you’ve done your homework.]

We can all stop holding our breath. Netflix has finally announced a premiere date for season two of Bloodline. What’s that? Oh, you weren’t sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation for another season of the we’re-not-bad-people-but-we-did-a-bad-thing Rayburn family? Could that have something to do with the fact that season one offs the main reason to watch the show in the first place?


Well, fear not. The most compelling member of the Rayburn family may be dead, but he isn’t gone. Ben Mendelsohn will reportedly be back for season two, which probably means more of two things Bloodline loves: flashbacks and ghosts. Actually, Mia Kirshner was really the only ghost who showed up in the first season, but we do feel that Danny Rayburn would make a fabulous ghost, haunting Kyle Chandler’s John as he sweats through every shirt he owns and Linda Cardellini’s Meg as she drinks cheap beer at all hours of the day. Will Mia Kirshner be back? What if Mia Kirshner returns not as the ghost of a long lost Rayburn, but as the ghost of Jenny Schecter from The L Word? After its measured first season, we’re all for Bloodline going off the deep end this time around.

Bloodline returns May 27. The remaining Rayburns must grapple with processing the bad thing that they did, while also concealing the bad thing that they did.

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