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Netflix announces a Vikings sequel series, Valhalla

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Good news for anyone who didn’t consider “six seasons” to be a sufficient amount of time to spend watching people stare at each other ominously while brandishing axes: Variety reports that Netflix has begun development on a sequel series to History’s Norse-themed drama Vikings. Titled Vikings: Valhalla, the series will take place 100 or so years after the original show’s upcoming sixth season (and also series) finale, checking in on Scandinavian life in the raging late-900s.


The series is being developed at the streaming service by Michael Hirst, the original creator of its parent show, who’ll be working alongside writer Jeb Stuart. Like Vikings, Valhalla will offer up fictionalized (and, we’re guessing, somewhat sensationalized) versions of the lives of famous Norse heroes, including Leif Erickson, Freydis, and Harald Harada—you know, all the heavily helmeted people you used to have posters for on your childhood bedroom walls. And don’t you fret, Battle of Hastings fans: Given that William The Conqueror is also listed as one of the show’s central characters, you’ll probably want to keep an eye out—get it?—for his defeat of King Harold in 1066.

There’s no word yet on when Valhalla will begin airing, but Vikings debuts its final season on History on December 4.

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