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Netflix and Arrested Development officially enter the "conversation" phase about a fifth season

Illustration for article titled Netflix and emArrested Development/em officially enter the conversation phase about a fifth season

In the delicate dance of seduction by which these things blossom, producer Brian Grazer tells Bloomberg Television that he’s “in conversations” with Netflix about their being “interested” in another season of Arrested Development—countering Netflix’s coy overtures about being “willing,” while we all stand around boorishly shouting, “JUST KISS ALREADY.” Variety, ever the dowdy chaperone, throws cold water on the whole affair by saying that “there are no active negotiations at present.” But it primly allows that “both sides expect a renewal to come together eventually,” perhaps after they spend six weeks consulting with a priest, who will then give them his blessing to enter the holy bonds of streaming-content matrimony.


As you may recall, because you’ve read some version of this story every other week, creator Mitch Hurwitz has referred to the fourth season as the “first act” of a longer story—a story he initially hoped to tell as a movie. However, seeing as studio interest in that has yet to materialize, Hurwitz has decided to love the one he’s with by talking up this prospective fifth season instead. In a recent Reddit AMA, he added that any new season “would DEFINITELY be about the family all together,” both addressing some fan complaints about the fourth season and reigniting some old ones, as this means production will inevitably be delayed while they figure out the logistics of getting all the actors in one place again. Still, for those who get off on others being withholding, it’s going to be a fun, sexy time for another year or two.

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