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Netflix and Amazon have passed on Hannibal, it might be dead now


Having already been brutally murdered by NBC—which then arranged its corpse in a way that was as aesthetically interesting as it was horrifying—Hannibal has apparently just lost its last, best chance at staying alive. Series creator Bryan Fuller seemed optimistic at first, suggesting that the show could find a home somewhere other than NBC (it has happened before), but the stars’ contracts expired last week, throwing a sizable hurdle in the path of the show getting picked up by someone else. Now, an even larger hurdle has just popped up: Both Amazon (which has the streaming rights to the first three seasons) and Netflix have passed on picking up Hannibal. That comes from Fuller himself, who revealed the unfortunate news when a fan asked about the show’s status on Twitter earlier today.

Fuller says in his tweet that he’s still “investigating possibilities,” but those possibilities have to be getting less and less likely as more time passes. Fuller has a shred of his optimism left, at least, which means the show isn’t totally dead—even though it probably is dead. Still, that doesn’t mean we should all give up on commiserating about how much we hate NBC. We should probably never give up on that.


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