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Love Is Blind, the latest reality series to mine drama from hot people whose desire to be on TV temporarily blinds their sense of emotional responsibility, will air its anticipated finale tomorrow, but the drama won’t end there. Today, Netflix has announced that a reunion special will air the following week. The only weird thing? It’ll be on Netflix’s YouTube page, which is weird considering Netflix’s whole thing is, you know, streaming content. Whatever. They could put it on a VHS tape locked in a safe dangling above a pit of Great Whites and we’d figure out a way to watch it. Trash is good.

The series, if you’re unaware, began with a speed-dating conceit that allowed its 30 men and women to build bonds in pods that obscured their view of their other person. A marriage proposal was the goal, but it had to be done without either party having seen the other person. Six couples got engaged, but only five made it to the “we’re in the real world and not sure if we’re physically attracted to this person” stage.


Each and every one of them will be there for the reunion. Also on hand? “Hosts” Nick and Vanessa Lachey, who we think were actually in, like, two episodes? Nick, in his comically over-rehearsed manner, will ask how the couples are faring off-camera, as well as if Jessica’s dog is in the hospital for all that wine she let him drink.

It’ll premiere on Netflix YouTube on Thursday, March 5. Don’t let your dog drink wine.

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