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Nervous Olympic parents provide the perfect reaction to Donald Trump

(Screenshot: YouTube)

One of the more charming things to emerge from this summer’s Rio Olympics is the footage of gymnast Aly Raisman’s parents struggling to hold it together as their daughter competes on the uneven bars. Lynn and Rick Raisman’s nervous antics first garnered attention during the 2012 London games and they’re no less stressed—and no less relatable— this time around. (Even Leslie Jones agrees.) So Funny Or Die decided to edit the Raismans’ pained reactions into something even more nerve-wracking than world-class gymnastics: A Donald Trump speech.


Gymnast Aly Raisman’s Squirmy Parents React To Trump from Funny Or Die

Now Trump’s more outrageous statements—like the plan to build a wall on the Mexican border or that Muslims should be banned from the country—are met with the reaction they deserve: Panicked squirming about the future of America.

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