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These days, you never know when a Nerf-wielding bandit will sneak up behind you in your hip office or college dorm and pop you in the back with a foam dart. The biggest problem, though, is that you want to defend yourself in a situation like that, but you don’t want to look like a total nerdo by carrying around a Strongarm or Rapidstrike all the time. Thankfully, Hasbro has come up with the perfect weapon for aspiring Nerf assassins who still want to pretend they’re normal people: A tiny, smartphone-sized blaster that can easily be concealed in your messenger bag, the pocket of your khakis, or—hypothetically—in the toy box alongside the Lego sets and Transformers that you buy “for your kid.”

This comes from Gizmodo, which says that the handy little guy is called the Pocketstrike. It will be available in stores this fall for only $8, and it includes two darts in case you either miss with your first shot or just want to make sure that your enemy is dead by putting an extra rubber nub into their skull.


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