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With a popular podcast network and a Comedy Central show/hashtag machine already under his belt, Chris Hardwick and his Nerdist Industries empire are moving into film distribution—though it sounds like it’s less of a “Let’s make money by distributing movies!” thing and more of a “We want to help people see this one specific movie!” thing. The one specific movie in question is The Hive, an indie sci-fi horror story directed by Dave Yarovesky, and Nerdist has now picked up the rights to it and will be bringing it to theaters and digital on-demand services.


This is from Deadline, which says The Hive is about a counselor at Camp Yellow Jacket, a summer camp of some sort that “has descended into chaos.” The main guy wakes up “in a boarded-up cabin with no memory of who or where he is,” and he has to use mysterious clues scratched onto the walls in order to figure out what’s happening. Also, for good measure, he’s going through a “disturbing physical transformation” and “the only memories he has are not his own.” Hardwick says The Hive is “so much damn fun,” and right after seeing it for the first time he knew he wanted to “help get [it] into the eyes and earholes of horror fans.”

Nerdist will apparently be talking about the movie some more at Comic-Con in July.

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