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Nerdist and Jack Black go full MC Hammer with “The Bumps Gonna Goose Ya”

The Goosebumps movie isn’t due out for about a week, but from all its marketing materials, it looks to be a good old-fashioned kid-friendly scare fest, not unlike its source material. But is it a fun movie? And, other than trailers, how would casual observers know?

Enter Nerdist writer Ben Mekler, who, alongside fellow Nerdist staffer @Malik4Play and Goosebumps star Jack Black, has produced a ’90s-style rap video promoting the film. Not unlike MC Hammer’s “Addams Family Groove” or Vanilla Ice’s “Ninja Rap,”
“The Bumps Gonna Goose Ya” blends straight-up storytelling with funky beats and spooky lighting. There’s also some choreographed dancing, because it wouldn’t be a ’90s-movie rap without it. It’s cheesy as hell, but it certainly succeeds in making Goosebumps look entertaining—or at least like it doesn’t take itself too seriously.


Watch Jack Black’s GOOSEBUMPS Rap, ‘‘The Bumps Gonna Goose Ya”

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