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Nerd out over Star Trek: Discovery’s new uniforms and logo

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We know there’s been a lot of exciting Star Wars news breaking from the set and recording booth, but here’s something for fans of that other Star franchise. No, not Battlestar Galactica, although we can see how you might have been confused. We’re talking Star Trek: Discovery, which just released its first featurette. It’s a short video, but it harkens all the way back to 1964, when Gene Roddenberry first started spinning his sci-fi yarn.

In addition to the history lesson, the video provides a first look at the Discovery crew’s uniforms and combadges, which both look sharp. The logo’s been tweaked, and there’s also a shadowed glimpse at the captain’s chair, which we got a much clearer look at over the summer. But that’s cool, because what’s most heartening about the featurette is all the construction—now it’s really looking like Discovery’s maiden voyage will actually occur sometime this year. Of course, the premiere could always end up pushed to 2018, since CBS execs say they want to ensure the series’ quality before launching it on CBS All Access. But we’ve waited 12 years for a new Star Trek series, so another 12 months should be a walk in the holodeck.


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