(Photo: Twitter)

If you’re an anti-Trump citizen of the internet, then you’ve probably seen the video of alt-right Nazi fuck Richard Spencer getting punched on Inauguration Day. It’s a gem, and since last Friday, it’s been artfully synced up to hundreds of songs, each lending a little more artistry to the beat-down that a guy who believes in “peaceful ethnic cleansing” so rightly deserves.

But now there’s even better news: Spencer was actually clocked twice on Inauguration Day. According to a tweet from @BabyCommie666, Spencer was also punched by a bandanna-wearing black bloc anarchist last Friday, meaning his symbolic Pepe pin really took a beating.

There is some argument that this is the same punch we’ve already seen, but from a new angle. In the pictures, Spencer is wearing the same clothes as he was in the previous video, and it kind of looks like the same guy that punched him before, but that could just be because black bloc protesters have a tendency to wear hoodies and black bandannas to shield their identities. In the new photos, there are different signs in the background, and it doesn’t look like it was shot in the same area. As The Fader points out, there were media reports that Spencer was punched twice last Friday, but these are the first images that actually suggest that. These images could just be a continuation of the fight sparked by the first blow, but either way, these are new images of Spencer getting clocked.

As one might imagine, Spencer haters and denizens of the fun internet are taking Spencer’s punch in gleeful stride, even hoping for many more opportunities to knock him the fuck out before the year comes to an end.



hope richard spencer gets punched 2017 times this year one for every day in the year

— dunkey = ❤️ (@sexualjumanji) January 26, 2017