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Neill Blomkamp's new RoboCop will be using the clunky old suit, not another sleek update

Photo: Orion Pictures Corporation (Sunset Boulevard/Corvis/Getty Images)

The original RoboCop costume, with its black bodysuit and shiny grey armor, is iconic. It’s cold and emotionless, much like Peter Weller’s RoboCop himself and the vicious powers that birthed him, and it definitely looks well-suited to murdering criminals. For the 2014 remake, though, director José Padilha put star Joel Kinnaman in a sleek, all-black RoboCop suit that made him look like what an evil version of Apple would make if it were creating a robot cop. It was cool, but it was almost too cool. Nobody wants to actually think a cop looks badass. Luckily, the next attempt to revive the RoboCop series, which is coming from Chappie’s Neill Blomkamp, will be going back to the original design.


On Twitter, Blomkamp has claimed that his movie will be like “watching Verhoeven do a follow-up film.” Also, in response to a fan asking if that means he’ll be going back to the original suit, Blomkamp said: “1 million% original.” That’s relatively surprising from a guy like Blomkamp who so clearly loves mechanical designs and his own charming robots, but there’ll probably be other mech-things for classic RoboCop to fight.

We first heard that Blomkamp was making a new RoboCop last summer, along with the reveal that it would be based on a script that original RoboCop screenwriters Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner put together for a sequel back in the ‘80s. Original director Paul Verhoeven didn’t like the “politics of a sequel” at the time and the project fell apart, but MGM reportedly decided to revive it after the 2016 election because the canned script involved a reality TV star becoming president. Oh, so that comes true but we still don’t have Back To The Future hoverboards? The ‘80s were a joke.

[via Entertainment Weekly]


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