For those concerned that Neill Blomkamp hiring the likes of Matt Damon and Jodie Foster for Elysium meant he’d only be working with the most famous of movie stars going forward—his mad sense of entitlement growing until he’s demanding the studio dig up Jimmy Stewart to placate him—you can stop worrying and being insane. Blomkamp has confirmed that, like Elysium, his next film, Chappie, will also feature his old District 9 pal Sharlto Copley, this time back in the leading role. As per usual with Blomkamp, not much else is known about Chappie, other than it will again be a science-fiction film “in an unusual setting”—though as the director been saying for nearly two years now, it will be more of a “science-fiction comedy thing,” and it’s apparently far more “simplistic” and lighthearted than his other two films. Blomkamp also tells Empire it involves a “ridiculous robot character”—though of course, we're pretty sure that goes for all movies, now that we live in the future.