Fresh off being punted from the Alien franchise in favor of a suddenly hot Ridley Scott, District 9 and Chappie director Neill Blomkamp is already in talks for the next movie that someone is apparently going to let him make. The new film: The Gone World, adapted from a not-yet-published novel from cyberpunk author Thomas Sweterlitsch. Fox has picked up the rights to the “sci-fi time travel procedural” and is currently talking to Blomkamp about adapting it into a script, which he would then direct.

We’re not certain what a “time travel procedural” looks like—although it sure sounds like the label you’d slap on some sort of time-travelling cop movie, if one of those had ever been made—but we do know Blomkamp hasn’t actually made a movie we much enjoyed since the ambitious District 9. In other words, this is an inconsistent director, adapting an unpublished novel, operating in a notoriously tricky genre. But hey, maybe we’ll get some cool concept art out of the deal.


[via Deadline]