Disappointing all who hoped that Neil Young had at last returned to the unapologetically filthy sex romps of songs like “Cinnamon Girl,” Mashable reports that Young’s Twitter account was hacked last Friday, and so that was not the 68-year-old singer tweeting out seemingly Neil Young-approved pornographic images. Furthermore, it definitely wasn’t Young who changed his account’s display name to “SLUT FOR THE D,” but rather some other, as-yet-unnamed slut who’s gotta have that d. As of now, the only “d” that Neil Young could arguably be called a slut for is the digital distribution of high-resolution music, which he absolutely can’t get enough of.

John Hamm—CEO of PonoMusic, the company that gives Neil Young all the “d” he can handle (and not the Jon Hamm who has an abundance of another kind of “d”)—confirmed to Mashable that Young’s account had been hacked, and that the matter has since been resolved with Twitter. They’ve also deleted the offending tweets, which came with the hashtag “#neilslayed” affixed, apparently in an effort to get Neil Young-sourced pornography trending among fans who would be interested in that. With everything back to normal, however, the only pornographic thing connected to Neil Young now is the shape his PonoPlayer creates in your pants.