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Neil Young keeps on rockin’ in the free world with 37th studio album

Photo: C. Flanigan/Getty Images
Photo: C. Flanigan/Getty Images

It’s difficult to quantify exactly how many albums Neil Young has put out in his 56-year career. Do you count the stuff with Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young? How about all the live albums and soundtracks? And does Living With War count as one album or two? At any rate, a rough tally of his discography gives the impression that he’s about to release his 37th solo studio album. Which is not a small amount of albums no matter how you count it.


Peace Trail will be a pretty stripped down, mostly acoustic album, according to Rolling Stone. The 70-year-old Canadian musician released one of the tracks as a single last month. “Indian Givers”—a song written in solidarity with Native American protests of the Dakota Access Pipeline—gives a solid idea of what we can expect: Neil Young at his Neil Young-iest.

Peace Trail will be released digitally, and on CD and cassette, on December 2, followed by a vinyl release sometime in January.


Peace Trail—Neil Young

  1. “Peace Trail”
  2. “Can’t Stop Workin’”
  3. “Indian Givers”
  4. “Show Me”
  5. “Texas Rangers”
  6. “Terrorist Suicide Hang Gliders”
  7. “John Oaks”
  8. “My Pledge”
  9. “Glass Accident”
  10. “My New Robot”

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