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Here at The A.V. Club, we don’t usually care about celebrity couples as much as the rest of the pop culture world does—unless we’re talking about the failed romances of Michael Cera and Aubrey Plaza or Chris Evans and Jenny Slate—but we have to give it up to Neil Young and Daryl Hannah, if only because they managed to get married without us nosy people in the press even finding out about it. Young, who just got divorced a few years ago, had been open about being in a relationship with Hannah, as he starred in her Netflix film Paradox earlier this year and noted that things between them were “pretty real,” but he casually confirmed that they’re now married in an otherwise unrelated post on his Neil Young Archives website.


The post itself is about a new video that he and Hannah—who he refers to as “my wife Daryl”—put together for the old Crosby, Still, Nash & Young song “Ohio,” which is about the National Guard shooting four students at Kent State University in 1970. The new clip updates the song to be about protests against the NRA and calls for better gun control in the United States, which is arguably a much more important message than Neil Young and Daryl Hannah getting married, but if some hot celebrity couple news can draw more attention to the fact that gun control in this country is totally fucked and that the NRA is an evil organization that has made the world a worse place, then we’re all for it.

[via Pitchfork]

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