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Neil Patrick Harris to visit Smurfville

According to the generally reliable Deadline.com, Neil Patrick Harris is set to star in Smurfs: The Movie. Yes, alas, you read that correctly. We, the pop culture-consuming public have allowed Neil Patrick Harris to develop his remarkable talent in the nurturing environments of self-deprecating film roles (Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle), clever sitcoms (How I Met Your Mother), and awards shows (the Emmys). And now it seems like it's time for Harris to spread his wings and fly, fly, fly into the realms of high-concept, big-budget remakes of stuff that was pretty crappy the first time around. But, wait, there's hope: Harris is not actually playing a Smurf, which should allow him to retain some dignity. And the film's directed by Raja Gosnell the man behind… Well, let's look it up. Oh, yeah. That. And that. And that. Well crap.

For the benefit of our younger readers:

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