Best Time Ever (Photo: NBC/Getty Images)

In what will basically a giant, flashing beacon for every 10-year-old in America who knows how to tie their own bow tie, or recite the periodic table from memory—no matter how many times you ask them to stop—Variety reports that Neil Patrick Harris is launching a new kid-focused game show titled Genius Junior. The show will pit teams of three smart kids against each other, each hoping to earn the “Genius Junior Grant,” plus the national attention of the country’s best, most innovative, and meanest playground bullies.

The series will run on NBC, where Harris continues to try to get this “fun TV host” thing going, in the wake of the failure of Best Time Ever back in 2015. The How I Met Your Mother star made light of his own status as former childhood star in the press release for the show, noting, “NBC is a great home for Genius Junior. Plus, the contestants are kids, so they’re destined to be hilarious or, you know, snap. Win/win. I kid. #pun.”