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Cheerful maker of mirth Neil LaBute (In The Company Of Men, Your Friends And Neighbors) has been hired by NBC to make a half-hour comedy exploring the fertile comedic ground of deep psychological problems and a breach of basic medical ethics. Harmony House is the story of a young psychiatrist who falls for one of the patients in the facility he works for, no doubt stringing the audience along with a classic will-they/won't-they/will-she-go-off-her-meds-and-stab-him-because-she-thinks-Grape-Ape-is-coming-to-kill-her. You know, typical Sam-and-Diane stuff. 

LaBute also has another series debuting in October for DirectTV, which is hoping to replicate Netflix's success in creating original programming. Not much has been said about the plot of Full Circle, except that its 10 episodes will explore the intertwined lives of 11 people, some of them being portrayed by Tom Felton, Minka Kelly, Julian McMahon, David Boreanaz, and Ally Sheedy. Each episode will pair two characters, one of whom will then appear in the following episode paired with another new character, thus running through every character until the whole series comes… wait for it… Full Circle.


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