As reported by Deadline, 1492 Pictures and CJ Entertainment have announced three new film projects—the most noteworthy being an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book. A big-screen version of Gaiman's similarly spooky children's book, Coraline, followed the release of his not-as-well-received Stardust. An earlier, Miramax-backed production of Graveyard was pronounced dead in January, a year after Gaiman first dropped news of the film. Deadline also says that writer-director Neil Jordan (of The Crying Game and Interview With The Vampire fame) is still on board for Graveyard. (Also included in the three-picture deal: the lighthearted horror titles Killer Pizza and Carpe Demon, the latter of which will be adapted from the Julie Kenner novel by 1492's Chris Columbus.)