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Neil Gaiman says he’s adapting Good Omens for TV

According to The Guardian, Neil Gaiman has revealed that he’s going to be personally writing a TV adaptation of Good Omens, the apocalyptic comedy novel he wrote in 1990 with iconic fantasy author Terry Pratchett. Gaiman made this announcement at a memorial event for Pratchett—who died in March of last year—in London, explaining that a TV version of Good Omens had never happened before because both he and Pratchett had agreed that it would only get made if both of them were able to work on it together. However, it turns out that Pratchett had left his longtime friend/assistant Rob Wilkins a letter to give to Gaiman upon his death, giving his blessing for Gaiman to write the Good Omens adaptation himself.

The original God Omens book (full title: Good Omens: The Nice And Accurate Prophesies Of Agnes Nutter, Witch) is about a demon named Crowley and an angel named Aziraphale who team up to stop the Antichrist—a little boy growing up in rural England. At the memorial event, Gaiman also “accidentally” let it slip that the plan is for the adaptation to be a “six-part television series,” but he claimed that he wasn’t “allowed” to say anything beyond that. Thus, no details about where it’s being produced were announced, though the book was previously adapted into a radio play for BBC Radio 4 a few years ago, so the BBC could be involved once again.


In other Pratchett news, it was also announced at the event that his daughter, Rhianna Pratchett, is writing a movie adaptation of his novel Wee Free Men, and Pirates Of The Caribbean screenwriter Terry Rossio is working on an adaptation of his Death-starring novel Mort. A TV version of his fantasy-styled police procedural The Watch is also being developed.

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