Back in March of 2015, Netflix and Fox Searchlight got together to produce a one-hour sci-fi pilot film called Parallels, about a mysterious building that transports people into alternate universes on a fixed, unrelenting schedule. (It was pretty much the plot of the old Fox show Sliders, except with architecture instead of wormholes, and minus a grumbling John Rhys-Davies.) The film ended on a cliffhanger that more or less demanded continuation, and now it sounds like that’s exactly what it’s going to get.

Deadline reports that Fox and Neil Gaiman are working together on The Building, a TV extension of Parallels’ initial premise. Gaiman—who’s also currently working on Bryan Fuller’s adaptation of his novel American Gods—will executive produce, along with Albert Kim and Chris Leone, who wrote, and, in the latter’s case, directed, the original short film. There’s no word on whether Fresh Off The Boat’s Constance Wu will reprise her role from the original movie as multiverse traveler Polly, meanwhile, or whether Jerry O’Connell will stop by to further remind people that Sliders was once a thing that was on TV.