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Neil deGrasse Tyson thanks Trevor Noah for correcting the Earth’s rotation

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah premiered Monday night with Jon Stewart’s legacy as our “political dad” more or less intact. Noah thanked Stewart profusely in the opening for the chance to lead the best fake-news team ever, but he’s made statements in the press about a change in direction for the show. And there was one person who noted that change immediately—astrophysicist and Stephen Colbert lunch-pal Neil deGrasse Tyson congratulated Noah on Twitter last night and observed that the Earth is finally rotating in the right (that is, counterclockwise) direction in the show’s opening credits.


You might recall that this was a point of contention for Tyson during Stewart’s tenure; the show’s producers did tweak the credits for a later visit from the astrophysicist, but soon returned to doing things the wrong way (that is, clockwise). Neither the gaffe nor the correction can really be blamed on or attributed to either Daily Show host, but we bet Noah graciously accepted the kudos nonetheless.

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