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Millennium Falcon or the Starship Enterprise? It’s a question that sci-fi fans have asked each other ever since Star Wars made its big screen debut. But for America’s Neil deGrasse Tyson—host of the National Geographic Channel’s StarTalk and the best-known scientist in America—it’s not even a contest.


Tyson made that abundantly clear after a fan asked him his preference between the two as part of a StarTalk YouTube segment. The Enterprise has real scientists and real engineers onboard, monitoring the engines and warp drives and photon torpedoes. It’s “fake real” according to Tyson, while the Falcon is “fake fake.” It’s part of “fantasy storytelling.” He adds that the Enterprise was revolutionary in that it was the first fictional spaceship that was designed to explore, as opposed to just travel from one point to another. Plus, says Tyson, the Enterprise would “wipe its ass” with the Millennium Falcon in a battle.

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